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Making Web Improvements for Our Users

Customers will soon be seeing an updated website when they visit AbbyChristopher online. The new site will have elements of the old site plus some new additions. Sonja Hintz, Registered Nurse at AbbyChristopher, stated that the transformation of the site was fueled by the desire to create a more robust platform for the people who benefit most from AbbyChristopher products. Celebrating Plants and People “You’re going to see some cool things when we launch the new site,” Hintz said.

The website will embrace AbbyChristopher’s new branding which includes a new logo, some new colors and fresh photography. “I really like the new logo,” Hintz said. “I feel it celebrates both plants and people.”

“I’m even more excited about some of the new capabilities of the site,” Hintz said. She emphasizes that the new site will be more interactive. For example, users will now be able to find local distributors who sell AbbyChristopher, and users will also be able to search the site by product.

Speaking of product, Hintz said users will slowly start to see a new packaging rollout as well. The packaging incorporates the new branding and shifts the packaging container from a cylinder to a box. “I keep assuring people not to worry when they see the new packaging. “It’s the same great product with a great new design.”

Hintz assures users that popular elements of the older site will remain such as the “Ask a Nurse” feature in which users can ask Hintz anything they’d like about CBD and health. “Users love that feature, and I’d like them to know that in addition to being an RN, I’m a member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association and am also working on my cannabis nurse certificate. I am very dedicated to expanding my knowledge of Phyto-cannabinoids, like CBD, and their benefits so I can share it with customers.”