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Our Story

  • We are a Wisconsin based, owned, and operated CBD company that focuses only on our AbbyChristopher Brand.
  • We partner with Wisconsin’s most knowledgeable growers who follow organic practices to grow our Hemp.
  • We utilize a reputable off-site 3rd party testing facility to make sure the Cannabinoids are intact and tested for uniform strength and potency.
  • Lab tests are essential to ensure you are getting a pure and natural product, free from contaminants like heavy metals, pesticides, and microbes.

Our Vision

At AbbyChristopher we believe in using nature to support our bodies. The products we develop are designed to restore and support the body. Through innovation and science our expert team develops products to meet your body’s needs. Nature uses the sun, and so do we. Our solar powdered facility uses renewable energy when manufacturing AbbyChristopher products.

We have a commitment to bring you the best ingredients found in nature. Restore your balance through nature. Our ingredients are third party tested and we follow good manufacturing practices. From our collagen, the building blocks our body, to the oils that support cellular communication Stacy Peterson believes in having integrity and traceability. Each product we offer has an essential role in your body. We take your health seriously, and it is an honor to be a part of your daily routine.